Winter Wonderland at VIAGE

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Winter Wonderland at VIAGE

The darkest time of the year is upon us. Bitter cold, lack of light, and seasonal fatigue spare no one. To face this dark tunnel leading up to the holidays, VIAGE has embraced the Winter Delights that have taken over the center of Brussels, offering you a true winter wonderland throughout the month of December.

As you stroll through the bustling alleys of Winter Wonderland, located between the Bourse and De Brouckère Square, don't miss VIAGE! Behind our historic facade, you’ll find over 14,000 square meters of pure entertainment spread across multiple floors. To find us (and be dazzled by),  follow the lights adorning our exterior and treat yourself to a surprising stop during your winter walk through the city. Whatever your mission - Christmas shopping, after-work stroll, or a visit to the ice rink on Place de la Monnaie - come discover the warmth of our winter delights for the season!

VIAGE has it all

To start your visit to VIAGE, there's nothing like a hot drink and a delicious pastry at VIAGE Chill on the ground floor. Feeling savoury? Works too!  As VIAGE Chill also offers its Belgian tapas and delicious sandwiches to whomever’s feeling hungry. Also, note that our menu has gone through a little winter makeover. This way, all through winter, you’ll be able to indulge in our turkey sandwiches, crispy turkey wings, or our boudin tatin! For dessert, make room for the divine Yule logs and delicious Christmas cookies from our in-house pastry chef, Florian Delhoulle. Dip it in a great hot chocolate, that you can customise with various toppings, or spice  up with a touch of Baileys or Amaretto to end the year beautifully.

Once satisfied, head inside VIAGE to discover the magic that its upper floors hold. Enjoy the festive atmosphere, but also the culinary pleasures of our VIAGE Grill, a gourmet restaurant with delicate meat and fish options, open until 2 am,7/7. Come and treat yourself before or after your stroll through the streets of the center, for an after-work and relaxation evening with colleagues, or before indulging in an unforgettable night at the casino.

An extraordinary line-up

There are no holidays without a visit to VIAGE. And not just for the gustatory benefits we've just described! As a temple of entertainment, VIAGE adheres to the rule this year-end and offers a program that will undoubtedly give you unforgettable memories. Concerts by international bands, comedy shows, an exclusive evening in collaboration with the famous Brussels-based club Madame Moustache, and many other events await you between 24/11/2023 and 01/07/2024. Mark your calendar because the list is long!

And what about Santa?

Rest assured, Santa Claus will also make an appearance at VIAGE. On Fridays December 8, 15, and 22, between 9 pm and 2 am, Santa Claus will come entertain you, accompanied by beautiful Christmas cherubs and enchanting burlesque artists. Enjoy his visit to admire the sumptuous decorations of our beautiful Christmas tree while listening to the best Christmas tunes and other catchy tunes played by a DJ. During these three Christmas-themed evenings, we will also offer you the chance to win one of the many prizes.

So come warm up & play with us!

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