Article 1: Obligations

By registering as a member you agree to comply with the terms of the Membership Agreement. An Extract of the Membership Agreement is displayed at the entrance and the full text is available at the Casino Reception and here below.

Article 2: Safety and Security

  • For your safety and ours the building is under continuous video and audio recording and surveillance.
  • Members are obliged to follow the instructions given by authorized employees, in the interests of the calm and orderly functioning of the casino, and to ensure fair and honest gaming.
  • Members are obliged to respect the non-smoking rules and zones indicated.
  • No firearms, knives or other items which could be used as weapons are allowed to be carried into any area of the building.
  • No animals are allowed with the exception of trained guide dogs.

Article 3: Entrance and Membership requirements

3.1         All Members must be aged 21 or older.

3.2         Members must be in possession of a valid legal identity document (with photo), such as a passport, ID card (EU member countries only) or driving license (EU member countries only), made out in the name of the holder and not transferable. The casino is required by law to register each person with his/her valid personal identity document; in case of violation of this law we are obliged to notify the authorities.

3.3         On presentation of a valid identity document a membership card is prepared for the Member to enter the casino.

3.4         The membership card gives only the right of access to the gaming areas of the casino during opening hours and is valid exclusively on the playing day or in the period stated on the Members’ card and/or in the Member registration system.

3.5         Each time the Member enters the gaming areas the membership card must be presented to the authorized staff members. Members are further obliged, on request by an authorized staff member, to show their membership card and to identify themselves if required.

3.6         The membership card may be requested for transactions involving cash and cards, and is required for play at the Slot Machines. Any points or cash balance on your card has limited validity. If you leave the card unused for longer than 18 months, the amount on the card will be reset to zero.

3.7         Membership cards are strictly personal and under no circumstances transferable; if not used correctly the membership card can be withdrawn.

3.8         It is a condition of entry that the membership card holder agrees to abide by the Membership Agreement.

3.9         The membership card of Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE is exclusively valid at Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE. Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE refuses to accept any liability in the event of damage suffered due to the abuse or loss of the card. Grand Casino Brussels management may withdraw the membership card without giving any justification.

Article 4: Dress Code

4.1         Members must observe the smart casual dress code and are requested to refrain from wearing shorts, sleeveless vests, open shoes, tracksuits and any other type of very casual wear. 

4.2         A decision whether appearance is suitable will be made on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of management.

4.3         Any item which fully or partially conceals facial features is not permitted – this includes masks, hoods, brimmed hats or caps, sunglasses and face veils.

4.4         The display of symbols or words which could cause offense, whether on clothing, accessories or in the form of tattoos, is not permitted

4.5         Coats and heavy or bulky jackets are strictly prohibited in the gaming areas and may be kept in the cloakroom near reception.

4.6         Bags, backpacks, purses and cases are subject to search. Large bags are strictly prohibited in the gaming areas and may be kept in the cloakroom near reception. We do not accept bags larger than a typical airline cabin bag         (maximum 55cm x 45cm x 25cm, or 125 linear cm).

4.7         The casino does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any items kept in the cloakroom.


Article 5: Game Security 

  • Members in the gaming areas are not allowed to:
  • Take photos or videos without express permission from Management.
  • Use mechanical, electrical or electronic devices, such as smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, media players or headphones (hereafter known as “devices”) in the immediate vicinity of the live gaming tables or electronic gaming machines, including when occupying a seat or standing by the gaming tables or machines, unless so authorized by management.
  • Offer or provide commercial mediation in participation in casino games, or to lend money or items with monetary value to the other Members
  • Cooperate with others to exceed the maximum gaming limits posted at the gaming table.
  • Management reserves the right to limit or restrict the use of ALL electronic devices within the venue including but not limited to: video recording devices, cameras, camera phones, mobile phones, intelligent glasses, tablets, computers, smartphones etc.
  • Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE reserves the right to withdraw gaming chips and plaques from use. Prior to the removal of gaming chips and/or plaques from circulation a memo will be posted at the entrance and on our website for 30 days.  The register with chips and plaques in use is available at the reception and the Cash Desk.

Article 6: Game etiquette

  • Seats at the gaming tables and slot machines are reserved for players participating in the game. The casino may require a Member to give up a seat if they are not participating.
  • Access to the high limit gaming areas is restricted to those participating in high limit gaming. Members may be allowed at the discretion of management.
  • The casino may arrange separate gaming areas for special events, group visits, or other purposes, and Members may only access these areas if explicitly invited.

Article 7: Denial of entry

Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE upholds a Zero-tolerance Policy on violent/threatening or abusive behavior towards other members or employees, vandalism, theft, cheating, using advantage play techniques, and money lending. These and other serious violations of the terms of the Membership Agreement will result in an immediate suspension of membership and an entry ban enforced for a determined period or indefinitely. In cases of vandalism or willful damage the Member is expected to make full restitution for the damages caused before a lifting of the ban will be considered.

Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE will also deny access to the gaming areas, or all other areas under Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE’s control, to any person who:

7.1         in the opinion of Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE conveys the impression that they may disrupt the calm and orderly functioning of the casino, or who may prevent a fair and honest game.

7.2         has requested a ban from entering the premises;

7.3         has already been banned from entering the premises and that ban has not yet expired;

7.4         is in a category of clients excluded by the Belgian Gaming Commission;

7.5         indicates an over-consumption of alcohol or the use of controlled/illegal substances;

7.6         has a history of loitering or creating a disturbance for other Members or employees;

7.7         Is not appropriately dressed or whose presence could cause offense.

*This list is not exhaustive

Article 8: Exclusion (entry ban) data-handling

  • The data of excluded persons will be stored in an internal file that is only accessible by Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE.
  • The data in this file includes the family name-first name-birth date-reason for exclusion-date and duration of exclusion.
  • This data is stored and processed by the casino for the justified purpose of combating infringements and ensuring the protection of the membership and the company.
  • This data may be communicated to casinos affiliated with the Grouping of the Belgian Casinos (being Blankenberge-Middelkerke-Ostend-Knokke-Namur-Dinant-Chaudfontaine-Spa) who will store and process the data for the same purpose.
  • An excluded person who wants to regain access to the casino must submit a formal written request to the Compliance Department of Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE. 

Article 9: Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS)

Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE admits no responsibility in the case that EPIS, the Excluded Persons Information System of the Belgian Gaming Commission, is off-line and persons named in that system gain illicit entry. Should a person take advantage of the EPIS system being offline and gain entry, they will be asked to leave the premises immediately and the Belgian Gaming Commission will be informed.

Article 10: Data privacy

In order to fulfill all its legal obligations Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE must make use of some of your personal data.

  • Your personal data will be held in the membership database, maintained and processed by Grand Casino Brussels for the purpose of membership administration.
  • Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, only with processors that have a processor contract with Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE.
  • Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE may also use your personal data for business purposes and business analytics when you give consent on registering at the casino.
  • The processing of your data is governed in accordance with the GDPR.
  • In accordance with Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), members have the right to request access to  rectify or delete personal data.
  • As outlined in the law on camera surveillance of 21 March 2007, a pictogram at the entrances indicates the presence of camera surveillance throughout the venue. Personal data obtained through the camera and audio monitoring system is stored and processed by the casino for the purpose of carrying out access control and combating infringements as well as protecting the clientele

Article 11: Responsible Gambling 

Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE aims to provide its customers with a fun and safe casino experience. Our goal is to promote and support responsible gaming behavior at Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE. If you have any concerns please speak to a member of management who will be happy to provide support and assistance.

Article 12: Disclaimer

The management of Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE reserves the right to make changes to the Membership Agreement.