Grand Casino Brussels Viage

Grand Casino Brussels Viage is a unique casino complex, part of the international group called Casinos Austria International (CAI). It features everything you can expect from the largest casino in Belgium: 404 slot machines, 39 gaming tables, as well as a WPT Poker Room for up to 100 players. Aside from our casino, our venue hosts several trendy bars and restaurants serving great cocktails & exquisite meals. Our exhibition centre, grand theater and meeting rooms also offer the perfect event spaces for your business parties and meetings.

Casinos Austria International

Casinos Austria International (CAI) is a major player in the global casino industry. With a unique portfolio of casino consulting, development, management and investment services, CAI successfully manages numerous casino projects. Customer service, quality, integrity, responsibility and respect for tradition are the driving forces behind the company’s success. You can see that in all their business operations.

Casinos Austria International and its partners currently manage casino and entertainment complexes in 16 countries worldwide. The group also runs 36 continental casinos and 6 casinos aboard ships. In total CAI has over 450 gaming tables and 5,500 slot machines.

Responsible Gaming

If you yourself feel that you must be protected against the possible dangers of an addiction to gambling, you may apply for a prohibition of access from the Gambling Commission. You will then no longer have access to the casinos (physical and online), gaming rooms (physical and online) and betting shops (only online). You can apply for prohibition of access yourself via this link.

Company number & licence

Casinos Austria International Belgium SA/NV
Rue Grétry 16-20
1000 Brussels

VAT: BE0502.785.246
Licence number: A/20000
Internal Security Service: IBZ 18.0115.12

Viage Productions SA/NV
Rue Grétry 16-20
1000 Brussels

VAT: BE0474.725.225