A scary Halloween at Viage

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A scary Halloween at Viage

When pumpkins have eyes and horror films make their big come-back on our tv screens, it must mean that Halloween is just around the corner! Imported from the United States in the 1990s, this annual event taking place on October 31 has conquered our lands. But where does it actually come from? Its origin might surprise you. Now hang in there, the scariest is yet to come!

Believe it or not, Halloween was first born in Europe. Indeed, October 31 marked the celebration of Samhain among the Celts in Great Britain and Ireland, also known as New Year's Day. Associated with the end of the harvest season that occurred on November 1, this new year was inaugurated with grand bonfires and a series of rituals. This pagan celebration was later merged, under the orders of Pope Gregory IV, with the Christian observances of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, which take place on November 1 and 2. Under the gaze of the Church, Samhain transformed into a feast of the dead, now known as "All Hallow's Eve," invariably set on the eve of All Saints' Day. Later, in the 16th century, as England became Protestant, this newly Catholic celebration returned to a secular status. In the process, its name evolved into Halloween, and it spread to America through the migration of the English, Scots, and Irish, which explains its success across the Atlantic.

Trick-or-Treat: Candy or a Halloween Party at VIAGE?

When you think of Halloween, you think of...candy! Fun fact is that the tradition of collecting candies comes from tradition. Indeed, the Celts went from door to door on the night of October 31 to gather wood for bonfires. In turn, Christians collected "soul cakes," each cake symbolizing a liberated soul. For Halloween, it's all about collecting candies, with the famous question, "trick or treat?". A real treat for the kids, that can turn into a tricky night for all adults…That’s why, instead of opening your door every second to satisfy the little ones, why don’t you come dance at VIAGE's grand HALLOWEEN party?

Madame Moustache’s Halloween Dance Party at The VIAGE

On Tuesday, October 31, VIAGE pulls out all the stops to offer you a night of spine-tingling excitement. Our newly inaugurated theater, The Viage, transforms for one evening into the legendary night club Madame Moustache. Sadly ravaged by the fire that consumed its building near Place Sainte-Catherine, Madame Moustache rises from the ashes at VIAGE to offer you its legendary Halloween Dance Party. The program of the evening includes circus performers, accessories and masks, as well as games that provide access to a secret room where a medium and a tarot reader welcome you with a potion by a warm fire. Prepare for an enthralling evening from 10 pm to 4 am, featuring volumetric projections, music, light shows, and resident DJs playing pop, funk, soul, disco, and other dance floor hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Get your Halloween face on

You guessed it! There's no Halloween Dance Party without a Halloween make-up! Our professional make-up artist awaits you next to our Cinna-bar on the first floor of VIAGE. After taking care of the scary makeup for our guest artists, she will joyfully attend to yours between 9 pm and midnight. You can then make a horrifying entrance into our grand theater, The Viage, where the festivities take place. From 9 pm, you'll find DJ sets, animations, a horror boudoir, and a show by The Retronettes. The inner child in you will also be pleased since we'll be distributing our most gruesome candies throughout the evening…

So, candies or a night at VIAGE? Choose both by opting for the great Halloween Dance Party at VIAGE!

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