VOCA PEOPLE - Cosmic Tour

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm Theatre The Viage

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VOCA PEOPLE - Cosmic Tour

VOCA PEOPLE: your favorite musical aliens are back, featuring new music and new comedy in a brand-new show! Join the VOCA PEOPLE on their journey back to planet Voca and experience space travel, the musical way. A show that will make you laugh, clap and sing your heart out.

Unique costumes, an unparalleled stage presence, and incomparable vocal performances – these are the magic ingredients that define VOCA PEOPLE. They've captivated audiences worldwide with their exceptional talents, and they're now making a triumphant return with their latest show, Cosmic Tour. The lineup features timeless hits from the past and the present, all transformed by the VOCA PEOPLE's signature style that is bound to leave you speechless! And as always, they do it without using any instruments.

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