Philip Catherine Quartet

Theatre The Viage

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Philip Catherine Quartet

Join Philip Catherine and his quartet for an intimate concert in a top-quality acoustic setting, followed by a conversation with the legendary guitarist - a memorable evening for music lovers and jazz enthusiasts of the highest calibre!

Philip Catherine has been on the forefront of the European jazz scene since the sixties and worked with jazz greats like Chet Baker, Stéphane Grappelli, Charlie Mingus and Dexter Gordon. His unique approach and sound, his dedication to music have been important and influential, and today he is a source of inspiration for many artists of the new generations.

Philip Catherine continues, relentlessly and open-minded, his search for renewal and perfection. The formulas with which he performs give him the rhythmic support and freedom to unfold his wide palette of musical styles, from that irresistible groovy rock sound to the broad lyrical phrases of which he is a master.

Don't miss this exceptional evening with Philip Catherine at The Viage in Brussels on 1 June 2024! 

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