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The tribute to Nirvana presents MTV Unplugged

In 1991, the audiences discovered a surge of guitars and decibels from Seattle. A new genre born from the hybridization between punk and heavy metal: Grunge. 

In 1993, a few months before the death of its leader Kurt Cobain, Nirvana recorded a legendary concert that would become the best-selling live album in the world posthumously: Nirvana Unplugged in New York, an end-of-century anthem for an entire generation. 

With the music industry's interest in this new dynamic genre, the city unleashed a wave of bands upon the world, with Nirvana leading the way and acting as the symbol of the disenchanted youth they represented. 

Since 2019, Aberdeen has been the tribute band that faithfully brings Nirvana's repertoire back to life with the same energy and passion as the legendary trio, performing their greatest hits. The band offers a complete immersion into the setting of this iconic evening, delivering a faithful musical re-enactment of each song played that night, as if you were there. 

To conclude the event, Aberdeen also presents an electric concert that became legendary following its television broadcast: MTV Live & Loud. 

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